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Tax Investigations

Sooner or later, your tax return will come under scrutiny by HMRC. Sleep with this knowledge and conduct your affairs accordingly!

The UK self-assessment tax system relies on individuals and businesses to make accurate and timely returns of income, and therefore tax. What this means is that HMRC have committed resources to conduct random as well as selective enquiries into tax returns.

accountants4dentists understand the strategies, tactics and technical avenues utilized by HMRC in conducting their enquiries and we can offer valuable advice on managing the outcomes of these enquiries.

So, if you are under the magnifying glass, why not contact us to see if the light at the end of your tunnel is sunshine or another man's torch.

If you want to come clean with historical tax problems then please contact us, on an anonymous basis if necessary, for an initial appraisal of your situation.

If you cannot sleep, speak to us about Tax Investigations.

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